Recommended Reading

How To Trans is about education. There are many non-fiction and fiction books that are interesting and resourceful. The non-fiction books provide educational resources about the more clinical, every day functioning of being transgender while the fiction speaks to the mental and emotional journey.


Author : Chaz Bono
Publish : May 10, 2011
Publisher : Plume
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Transition: Becoming Who I Was Always Meant To Be


Synopsis (
Author : George Moore
Publish : December 21, 2011
Publisher : Penguin Books
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Albert Nobbs: A Novella
Author : David Ebershoff
Publish : February 1, 2001
Publisher : Penguin Books; Reprint edition
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The Danish Girl
Author : Julia Ward Howe
Publish : January 1, 2009
Publisher : University of Nebraska Press
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The Hermaphrodite

Children's Corner

Finalist f
Author : Cory Silverberg
Publish : May 7, 2013
Publisher : Triangle Square; 1st edition
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What Makes A Baby